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3 Steps to a Custom Fit Condom: Measure, Select, Buy


What material are condoms made from? How do they get their shape? What makes them elastic? For all of you who are asking these very questions regarding the manufacturing of condoms, we have compiled some information on the production process below.

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber latex is the material providing your protection. The first step in manufacturing a condom is therefore harvesting natural rubber from rubber trees.



The liquid rubber is poured into a container through which glass cylinders are pulled. During this process, a thin rubber film is deposited on the cylinders. After a certain length of time to allow the rubber layer to dry, the procedure is carried out again and repeated until the desired layer thickness is achieved.



The next step is vulcanisation, where the cylinders are heated in a specially designed oven. Only now does the still delicate rubber film develop the elasticity for which it is so famous.

Quality Control

Cleaning and Quality Control

The condoms are detached from the glass cylinders with a soft brush and, after thorough cleaning and drying, are subjected to extensive quality controls. Detailed information on this topic is available on our website under Safety.

Finally, the condoms are rolled up, covered in lubricant and individually sealed in foil.

All processes for manufacturing condoms are subject to strict regulations and undergo regular detailed checks. After all, it's your safety we're protecting!

Each condom is triple-tested for safety!