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Coripa Condoms is the World's only company to offer Custom Fit Condoms, providing our clients with their custom fit personal size. Based in both Germany and the U.S., Coripa is quickly expanding globally and becoming known as the new style of condoms that everyone seems to be talking about. The idea for Coripa "Custom Sizing" came when two young men asked the obvious question: why are there only 3 available condom sizes available? This limitation in a range of condom sizes was not only a problem for them, but for millions of others. Can you imagine if there were only 3 shoe sizes? It just didn’t seem realistic and they knew something had to be done. From this contraceptive revolution, Coripa was born.

Coripa Condoms now offer over 55 sizes, giving people the “Perfect Fit” and allowing for better sex, better pleasure, and better safety to clients worldwide. Manufacturing since 1920, Coripa has a new face, offering our custom fit condoms and products online only, with next day shipping. At Coripa, we ensure our customer’s happiness and satisfaction which is why you often see us give away cool prizes like iPhones, world trips, and vacations, while offering specials on our products, so remember to get on our mailing list!

A personal note from Coripa Staff

“Without our customers, we wouldn’t be in business today, which is why we love to give away so many prizes and specials! We believe in our product and we know the difference it makes in safety, minimizing the risk of pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. And As for the pleasure, well, that goes without saying when you have the “Perfect Fit!”

On this website, you will find our EASY FIT ruler to measure your own size, which can simply be downloaded and printed out here. As a personal gift, we invite you to find your “Perfect Fit” size and get FREE shipping on us with a full money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied! Thank you for visiting our page and we look forward to having you as a valued customer.