What Are Specialty Condoms?

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Although condoms started out as merely being ways to avoid pregnancy and disease, nowadays many condoms have become something of sex toys in their own rights. With several companies competing for business and people always looking for the most convenient ways to provide more pleasure, condoms now have to not only protect against pregnancy and STDs, but they will also provide a number of other useful features.


Most, if not all, condoms are now lubricated to a greater or lesser degree. This is to make up for the fact that men won’t be able to use their own lubrication to make the passage easier. However, more heavily lubricated condoms are also good for women who have difficulty producing their own lubrication. Extra lubricated condoms are a godsend for any woman who has trouble producing regularly or enjoys a slippery feeling.


Ribbed condoms are condoms with tiny ridges or bumps worked into the design. These are made to give a woman more pleasure and at least in theory to hasten orgasms and make them better. In practice, ribbed condoms are very much a matter of personal taste; some women swear by them while others think they’re uncomfortable at best and have had them slip off more readily at worse (ribbed condoms are slightly more likely to catch on something and snag; but this doesn’t mean that they are automatically unsafe). Ribbed condoms are a great way to add more pleasure to many women and be selfless while you’re doing it; after all, as a man you won’t get the benefits of the ribbing (unless you turn them inside out…. But they probably won’t stay on very well if you do that!) Ribbed condoms are definitely one to consider if you or your partner likes to have things a little rougher.


Flavoured condoms are ones that are flavoured of course! Mostly used in oral play, these condoms tend to be thinner and are best used to provide against oral STDs rather than vaginal sex. These types of condoms come in all flavours, though the most common are fruit, berry, and chocolate. While these condoms are fine to use in other forms of sex, it is rather pointless to purchase a flavoured condom for vaginal sex; all you’ll get is an odd smell by the end.


Non-latex condoms are made for people with sensitivities or allergies to latex. These kinds of condoms are usually made from polyurethane, which is safe to use around oil based and water based toys and lubricants. They are also very thin feeling usually and don’t have the strange smell of the latex condoms.

Female Condoms

Female condoms are ones that go in the vagina instead of over the penis. They are well lubricated and thin feeling and they transfer warmth well so you don’t have to worry about losing sensation. They are ideal for any woman who would rather trust in herself for birth control rather than her partner or if her partner doesn’t like to wear a condom. Female condoms are usually made of polyurethane instead of latex because it’s less of an irritant to the sensitive inner parts of the vagina.

There are so many ways now to enjoy contraception instead of just dealing with it. With so many different kinds of condoms around, you’ll have some new choices and thus some new sensations to add to your sex life. Specialty condoms are a great way to have fun and be safe at the same time.

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