Use a Condom with Your Sex Toys for the Ultimate in Safe Sex

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Posted By NatalieScott On February 4, 2011 @ 9:47 am

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Keep your toys clean, they will last longer.

Everyone knows that in order for a man and a woman to prevent the spread of disease and to prevent unwanted pregnancy it is prudent for them to use a condom during intercourse. Everyone also knows that for anyone, no matter their sexual preference, would benefit from using a condom during oral sex, as well. Anal sex especially benefits from the use of a condom, but not many people think of using condoms with their sex toys and this is possibly one of the biggest mistakes that can be made.

Sex toys are at risk for carrying disease just as much as regular sexual activity is. Granted, you may not be with anyone at this moment, but if you live in any situation where other people have access to your sex toys you might want to either hide them or ensure that you wash them before and after each use or at least use a condom with them before using them just in case. Not everyone is as clean as you might be and you’d have to be fairly thoughtless to use someone else’s toys in the first place.

While this isn’t a common thing, it certainly be a reality and if you live any sort of potentially high risk lifestyle then the importance of protection becomes that much more prominent. For instance, say you and your partner are swingers, have an open relationship, or take part in group sex frequently enough. Most people in these lifestyles use condoms during intercourse but they often don’t think about this sort of protection when the sex toys come into play. If you’re using a condom to protect yourself from any sort of disease, why on Earth would you allow a toy to be swapped back and forth without similar protection?

Anyone who tries to tell you that spermicide kills diseases or insists that they’re clean and the only reason for the condom being used is to prevent pregnancy needs to be kicked out of bed immediately. Casual sex is any sex that is a little, or completely, random whether your partner is involved or not. This includes any of the aforementioned lifestyles and you really do need to take care with your sex toys as well as your body.

Dildos, dongs, strap on toys, and any other type of sex toys can be protected with either a condom or even a dental dam (in the way of oral attachments) to ensure that your sex is the safest you can possibly get. If the sex toys will be touching bodily fluids of more than one person, and especially of random people you may include in your intimate moments, then you absolutely need to either employ some sort of safety precautions or you need to simply not allow the use of toys during these situations. You can even protect eggs and bullets with some sort of condom-like sheathe – there is no excuse not to be safe in this day and age.

Not many people think of using condom with their sex toys and this is possibly one of the biggest mistakes that can be made.


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  • This is a really good suggestion. It’s especially a good idea on adult toys that are hard to clean and not easily sanitized. Like cyberskin dildos and other toys with the real skin feel.

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