How to Get Hold of Condoms

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With sexual education what it is today, the days of making excuses for not carrying or using contraception should arguably long be over, especially seeing as getting hold of a condom seems greatly preferable to getting STD testing at a later date. However, we were young once too, and we appreciate that it can be embarrassing queuing up to buy a box of condoms from your local drugstore. So here a few other places where you can get these things – now there’s no excuse not to be safe!

Go to the Doctor Pre-sex, not Post-sex.

Not using a condom may well see you at the doctor’s for STD testing. But did you know that you can actually go to the doctor’s for your contraception long before it comes to that. The majority of doctor’s surgeries and family planning centres have a huge stash of condoms that they’re happy to dole out left, right and centre. So next time you go to the doctor’s for whatever reason be sure to take a big handbag and stock up. That way, you’ll not only spare yourself the embarrassment of buying them at the drugstore, but you’ll save a fair few dollars at the same time.

Safer than Cyber-sex

These days, you can buy virtually anything on the Internet, and that doesn’t just mean STD testing, but includes condoms as well. There are a number of websites out there branding themselves as ‘condom superstores’ and selling pretty much any make, model or method of contraception the heart could desire. It’s even possible to order your own personalized condoms from some of these sites. If that seems a little too close to home, perhaps just a condom designed for a special occasion such as Valentines or Christmas. Delivered to your door with free delivery, discreet packaging, and often with free samples to boot, these websites take the hassle out of safe sex. But be sure to place your order as soon as you see supplies running low, as you might have to pay extra for next day delivery, and even that might not be soon enough!

Visit a Vending Machine

Once upon a time, all you would find in a vending machine would be soft drinks and candy. However, nowadays washrooms often have a different type of vending machine. You’ll tend to find these machines in bars and nightclubs, in both the male and female toilets, selling a variety of different types of condoms. In some places, you’ll even find a variety of flavours, colours, and shapes and sizes that you might not dream of asking for in a drugstore. So rather than leaving it to chance and having to go for STD testing later on, shell out a couple of dollars next time you go to the toilets; you’ll get hold of a pack of condoms that will last you the night, and certainly until you next get time to pop to the drugstore, or to log onto the Internet.

With so many places to get hold of contraception there really is no reason to leave things to chance. You can use any one of these discreet places to buy condoms – it will not only save you face in the shops, but it will stop you having to queue up in an STD testing center.

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