Eat Your Way to Safe Sex

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Flavored Condoms

With Christmas around the corner, condom brand, Pasante has introduced a mince pie flavored condom, which is perfect for those feeling both frisky and festive. If you’re not a fan of mince pies (and let’s face it, who is?), there are plenty of flavours to feast on from the standard banana and strawberry flavours, to the more unusual vindaloo curry flavoured. The Scottish brand, McCondom even sells a selection of whisky flavored condoms designed made to make oral sex fun. But whilst these condoms are great for enjoying oral sex, unless they carry the CE mark they shouldn’t be used for vaginal or anal sex. Flavored condoms are designed to be quite thin in order to give the recipient maximum pleasure; therefore using them during intercourse is dangerous as they split more easily than standard vaginal condoms. However, if your condom does split during sex, whether oral, anal or vaginal, then you should consider taking an STD test to be on the safe side.

Dental Dams

Sexually transmitted diseases can also be picked up through oral sex. So when performing oral sex on a partner’s vagina or anus, it is important to use a dental dam. As with flavored condoms, dental dams come in a variety of different flavors designed to make oral sex both safer and more enjoyable, which in turn prevents the need for a hasty STD test. Although some of the more unusual flavors, such as whisky and vindaloo, are restricted to condoms, vanilla, mint, strawberry and orange are amongst some of the dental dam varieties offered.

Before using a dental dam, always make sure that you check the sheet for holes and wash off any excess powder. Using a water-based lubricant may help to make your experience more enjoyable. However, be careful not to use any oil-based lubricants during oral sex as these can damage the outside of the condom making it susceptible to tears and splits.

Edible Foreplay

There are numerous edible items that you and your partner can enjoy together during foreplay. Why not invest in a jar of chocolate body paint and take-it-in-turns to paint it on and then lick it off each other? If you’re watching your waistline, then you may want to invest in a less calorific version such as Edible Graffiti. This cherry-flavoured body graffiti kit comes with a pack of stencils, so you can have fun spraying the designs on your partner and then licking them off. However, both of these products are oil-based so make sure that you take a shower before sex otherwise you may be confronted with a split condom and a hasty STD test. If you’re looking for safe edible items that can be used during foreplay and intercourse then you can’t go wrong with a pair of beer or candy flavored nipple pasties. The only complaint you’ll get is that your partner won’t be able to sample them herself.

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