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Probably one of the biggest selling items in any convenience store in North America. In this article I am going to try and enlighten you a little on the different types of condoms and what women like about them.

Chrysler has cars, Trojan has condoms. Condoms have come a long way over the years. Today condoms come in different sizes, colors, shapes and even flavors. Small, large, ribbed, purple, black, chocolate, peppermint, if you can name it you can probably find it associated with a condom. There was a time when there was only one kind of condom on the market but just like anything else times have changed and advances have been made. All condoms can fall into eight different categories.

1. Material

For the most part condoms fall into two different material categories. One is polyurethane and second is latex.

2. Size

Once upon a time there was only one size of condom to be found. That’s usually still the case when you’re buying them at convenience stores. What’s different now however is that there are specialty stores and mail order that you can now get different sizes from. There are smaller ones, longer ones, wider ones and narrower ones.

3. Lubrication

Different condom companies use different lubrications for their condoms. Some people even have allergic reactions to certain lubes. It is however buyer beware. You should know what you’re allergic to so a sudden rash doesn’t wreck a planned night of passion.

4. Spermicidal

Spermicidal lubricants are often used on condoms to reduce the risk of pregnancy. One of the most common used is nonoxynol-9.

5. Ribbed

There are mixed feelings on ribbed condoms. Younger people for some reason think they are disgusting while older people think this is a condom sent from heaven. The ribs advance the feelings in sex making for stronger orgasms

6. Color

Not much can be said about color other than years ago all you could get was a transparent condom while today you can actually buy your condoms in packs with varieties of different colors.

7. Flavor

Again this is pretty self explanatory. The varieties of flavors are endless and of course these are used with couples who are more into oral sex. One warning about flavored condoms is that they should not be used for vaginal or anal sex.

8. Reservoir Tipped

Some condoms have reservoirs built into the end to store the semen after ejaculating. One thing to remember when putting this condom on make sure you pinch the end to get all the air out. Without doing this you stand the chance of the condom breaking and we all know what that can lead to.

So what do women want in a condom? Many condoms are packaged to look like a tampon so they can be carried in a women’s purse without anyone knowing anything different. French ticklers are a long time favorite because of how they intensify the sexual pleasures. A funny little story that one woman told was that it annoys her that condoms are made by men because if women made them they would be padded on the sides to add girth since for most women length isn’t an issue but wider is better for hitting that certain spot.

There are many other factors to condoms and this is just meant to be a guide line. Couples will experiment and get comfortable with what they like. While condoms are on the market to prevent pregnant and STDs you have to be careful of the novelty products because they don’t all work alike. If unsure read the container they come in and if still not sure talk to your doctor or the pharmacist at the drug store.

Dale Mazurek has been happily married for 20 years and considers himself some what of an expert on topics of this sort. You can check out his growing relationship blog at and two more up and coming logs at and

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